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In 2015, my curiosity towards working on the web was triggered by the well known freelance writer and coach, Gina Horkey. At the time, I was a corporate tech guy working a regular day job in Biotechnology taking care of the requirements of my users, project managers, work colleagues, and lab animals.

Over the years, more as a hobby than anything else, I invested in training courses, developed a network of mentors, experimented with ideas and technology relating to the building of an Internet-based business, and also expanded on my extensive technical writing experience. I studied Holistic Health Coaching, became a Personal Trainer, completed many Copywriting Courses and have made it my mission to promote Health and Wellness through my writing and coaching.

This has uniquely positioned me to be able to offer two types of services. Firstly, leveraging off my extensive technical experience, I can take on a large variety of Virtual Assistant projects and assignments. Secondly, as a Health Coach with a passion for research and writing, I can contribute towards blogs, articles, copywriting assignments and white papers covering a multitude of topics, especially in health and wellness.

Is something in your Internet business slowing you down, holding you back, preventing you from moving forward and reaching your goals? Like a crazy workload and all those blog and social media post ideas just dying to be written and sent out? Or are you not getting to all those copywriting goals and that B2B engagement? Or how about that white paper you have agreed to write?

It’s a long list but you simply don’t have the bandwidth to get to it all, do you?

Well, you are not alone! With my passion for customer service, for crafting solutions, for being a problem-solver, web copywriter, multi-skilled tech geek, health coach and writer, I am your go-to guy!

“Allan always accommodated our team’s needs promptly and with careful attention. In short, I couldn’t have asked for a better colleague on my project. I highly recommend Allan as a candidate for your organization”

~ Abby Lyons, Project Manager

Contact me on LinkedIn or via Email for more information on how we can work together to grow your business, reduce your overwhelm so that your fun activities are even more meaningful!

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